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Our Lodi, CA Upholstery Cleaning Will Restore Your Furniture

 If you have pets and kids in your home, keeping your upholstered furniture clean is probably very difficult. Pets will walk on your furniture with dirty paws and may have an occasional accident on your couch or chair. Your children will sometimes eat greasy foods while sitting on your furniture and may spill their drink. Also, they may drop paint or sticky glue on your couch or chair when doing art projects.

Upholstered furniture that is in the living room or den will be used by everyone in the house almost everyday, which is why it is impossible to keep your lovely furniture from getting smelly or from being stained and soiled.

You may try to clean your furniture with cleansers you buy from the store, but they are usually very ineffective and could permanently stain your furniture. In addition, many store bought upholstery cleaners leave a tacky residue behind and do not get rid of embedded grime, debris and dirt.

If you hire a reliable and reputable Lodi, CA upholstery cleaning company such as ours, we will send a skilled team to thoroughly clean your upholstered furniture. Modern equipment and cleaning techniques will be uses to safely and effectively remove allergens, grime, debris and stains from your furniture. The team will also use fresh smelling deodorizers to get rid of tough odors that have become trapped deep down in the fabric of your furniture.

Our professional grade equipment and tools and safe cleaning methods will not snag, tear or rip your upholstery. In addition, the cleaning agents used will not streak, bleach or fade the fabric on your furniture.

If you want the furniture in your home to look brand new and to have a fresh smell, contact our experienced Lodi, CA upholstery cleaning company today to make an appointment.

Our Lodi, CA Upholstery Cleaning Will Restore Your Furniture


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